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Series of self-mating slats that roll and glide in a top and bottom track system.  Accordion slats stack in a minimum space and when closed, withstand hurricane force winds.



  • Shutter constructed of extruded aluminum interlocking slats are of aluminum alloy 6063-T6 and other extrusion to be of 6063-T5 or greater.  Slat thickness.
  • Slats are of an inter locking solid post design for added strength and security.
  • Slats will stack 1" for every one foot of coverage plus 3" for each closure section required.
  •  Shutter rolls on a stainless steel carriage with heavy duty self-lubricating nylon wheels.
  • Accordion shutter system available with any combination of ceiling, wall or sill track arrangement.  Adjusting adapter available for floor irregularities.
For external use:
  • All screws and bolts shall be 18-8 nonmagnetic stainless steel or aluminum alloy 2024-T4.
  • All rivets shall be 3/16" or larger pop rivets 5052 aluminum body with aluminum mandrel.
  • Concrete anchors shall be 1/4" x 1-1/4"
  • Tap Con rated at 500# tension, 300# shear or equal, and shall be stainless steel or cadmium plated.

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  • Roll Shutters product Line offers an impressive array of quality rollup products consisting of the following types:
    • Aluminum shutters provide superior storm protection and insulating barrier for sliding glass doors, windows, patios and balcony areas.
    • Rollup shutter provides effective and similar type protection as the above shutters with a lesser cost.
  • The Roll shutters group of shutters generally consists of a series of interlocking horizontal slats guided by side rails, allowing the shutters to be raised or lowered from a rotating reel recessed in the soffit or enclosed in a hood above the opening.  The shutter is operated either by hand crank or motor.
  • Slats
    • Extruded Code Approved Aluminum Slats available in 1.5 and 2 sizes
    • Available in several different sizes and materials of interlocking design to create the smallest size roll possible.
      •  Prefinished aluminum precision roll formed in two sizes, maxi 2" and mini 1-1/2." Slats are injected with a urethane foam core for added strength and  insulation. Slats have perforations at their hinge section which can admit light and air when the shutter is in the down position or the shutter can he closed completely for a weather-tight seal.
  • Side Rails
    • Side rails serve to support and guide each end of the slat roll.  Side rails as shown are U-shaped and are available with or without flanges based on mounting conditions.
    • Side rails are lined with tightly woven polypropylene or self-lubricating arched nylon runner guides to lessen slat noise and provide a friction free operation

    • Side rails available in white, cream, bronze and gray in an electrostatically applied polyester paint finish.
  • Storm Bars
  • The hurricane bar is a narrow rectangular shape designed to brace and support the slats in wide shutters against high winds including hurricane force.  Due to changes in wind load, the hurricane bars come in several sizes.

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  • Louvers/Slats
  • The louvers/slats look like wood but are roll formed of aluminum alloy 3003-H14/.024" and are precision formed to any specified code approved length.  Slats are available in various designer colors with factory applied polyester roller coat pain finishes.
  • Exterior frames are of extruded tubular wall design 3065-T5 & 6 in matching designer colors. Superior strength is achieved through the continuous hollow wall design.  Key lock corner fastening system provides positive warp free corners.

  • Interior mullions of similar type frame construction allow for fabrication on any size shutter.
  • Arms for the bahama awning consist of serrated 1" and 7/18" telescoping aluminum tubes of various lengths in .055" anodized or painted aluminum.  Adjustable arms may project out to a 45 degree angle.

  • Hinge System For the Bahama Awning, an extruded aluminum male and female hinge system is secured to the top of the awning, approximately 4 inches above the window opening. Hinge Colonials require a series of hinges mounted on the shutter's side frame and to the side wall allow the unit to pivot over the window.  A "bullet" snap lock holds the shutter open while hurricane bars secure the shutter in the closed position.
  • During storm conditions, am supports must be disconnected and the shutter folded down and fastened to wall with tie down brackets or hurricane bars for hinged colonials.
  • Hardware Only prime quality hardware will be used in the manufacture and installation.
    • For external use. All screws and bolts shall be 18-8, nonmagnetic, stainless steel or aluminum alloy 2024-T4.
    • All rivets shall be 3/16" or larger pop rivets 5052 aluminum body with aluminum mandrel.
    • Concrete anchors shall be 1 /4 ' x 1-1 14 Tap Con rated at 500# tension, 300# shear or equal, and shall be stainless steel or cadmium plated.

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  • Structural roll formed panels designed to overlap each other, and are securely fastened at top and bottom providing maximum hurricane protection for all types of openings at minimum cost.
  • Materials Structural panels available in aluminum .050" or 24 gauge steel
    • Structural panels are precision roll formed to uniform dimensions.  Panels designed to overlap and nest together requiring minimal storage space.  Panels are interchangeable.
  • Fastening Systems
    • Aluminum header attached to the wall ("H" track), ceiling or recessed into ceiling ("U" track) allows for structural panels to be sequentially inserted in the header.  Panels are securely held in place. Header provides for ease of installation and minimizes water intrusion.
    • Bottom sill angle provides for attachment to the floor and the easy mounting of panels over the the F Track systems bolts and washer wing nut secure the panel to the track.
  • Fasteners
    • All fasteners used to secure panels to the opening are designed for maximum strength and for easy and rapid installation during potential emergencies.

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