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Clear Shutter Installation Overview

1. Using your diagram sheet, lay out all panels matching the numbers on your panels to the corresponding openings.

2. Back out all screws halfway using a #3 phillip or flat head driver screw tip. Be sure not to remove them completely. Starting from the left to right hang the first panel over the screws. Loosely tighten screws. (DO NOT FULLY TIGHTEN SCREWS). Place second panels overlapping right side of first panels.

3. Continue overlapping panels until you get to the last panel. At this point secure all screws if applicable. Carefully inspect all openings to insure proper installation and that screws are secure.

NOTE: It is imperative that you practice and familiarize yourself with the PROPER installation procedure, so that when a storm approaches you are assured of a PROPER and SAFE installation.


Helpful hints for installing clear hurricane panels with direct mount system

Wear gloves; panels have a protective oily film that could cause them to be slippery. Panel edges can be sharp, be careful.

Take your time. Please do not rush putting panels up. These panels are designed to protect your home in the event of an emergency. They do take some time and patience to install. Allow yourself 6-12 hours to install depending on the number of openings on your home and whether you have a one-story or two-story home. This is at least a two-person job. Do not attempt to install these on your own. For best results initially install your panels in a relaxed situation in order to familiarize yourself with the installation process. DO NOT WAIT until a hurricane is approaching to use them for the first time.

Tools - You will need a ladder (the height of the ladder depends on if your home is a one-story or two-story home) and a drill with a flat head drill bit.

Spread out numbered panels corresponding to windows on the Job Diagram provided. Start by unscrewing fasteners halfway our. Hang your panels starting from one side to the other, or top to bottom on a horizontal mount. Never start from the middle. Once the panel is hung loosely tighten screws. Do not fully tighten fasteners until all panels are up. Once all panels for opening are in place securely tighten all fasteners.

Be sure to renumber your panels after each use with a permanent marker or paint due to the fact the numbers could rub off or be washed off from rain. Please inspect hurricane protection system on a yearly basis to make sure your system is in proper working condition for a hurricane emergency. Lubricate wall anchors and any movable parts.



1. Before removing panels from openings, mark each panel with a permanent marker with the same number assigned to this opening on a diagram of your house. Make several copies and place at different locations in the event that one copy is misplaced.

2. Machine bolts are paintable, but be sure you receive recommended surface preparation fro your local paint store.

3. Plan an escape route, since any opening protected by storm panels will be unavailable to you.

4. At least once a year, lubricate lead or brass anchors, wing nuts and any stubs left in F-tracks.

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